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Arcane Thesis.

after errata.

says that the spell being modified cannot be brought below its original spell level
but that means that all the metamagic on it could

. 1. Arcane Thesis lets you spell and cast it at.

level. Additionally.

all Metamagic you use in the spell are reduced level check the

I know it s not to the letter of the law exactly

but we ve always just run an Empowered Maximized spell

Maximum dice damage Even then
I would allow .

Metamagic Feats. Black Lore of Moil CAr.

0 The damage is poor
and this can get expensive very quickly. Scrolls of Magic Missile are a considerably better investment.

which is very sad The best way to use this is to trigger the Fell X metamagic feats
which only trigger if the spell deals damage 25gp d is a bad trade

Arcane Thesis errata. So I notice a lot of people on this forum using Arcane Thesis to apply each metamagic applied to a spell... Arcane Thesis reduces the total spell level of a metamagic affected spell by one.

regardless of the number of metamagic feats applied. An empowered.


fireball .

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Arcane Thesis Feat D amp

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Arcane Thesis D amp

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Arcane Thesis feat PHB p 74 got the errata treatment
stopping it from reducing the level of a spell below its original level. It also got a mention in the FAQ.

but the two contradict each other and the erratum post dates and overrules

I believe the FAQ.

which said that it only reduces the increase once

even if you apply multiple .

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The Metamagic focused Route Take Arcane Thesis on at least one spell you plan to cast a lot and take a bunch of metamagic feats to apply to it. For example Arcane Thesis Enervation.

Split Ray

Twin Spell.

Empower Spell
Maximize spell pretty much effectively debuffs anything. This route is practically made for Incantatrix s and Ultimate .

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